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Nicole Wade

Virtual Solutions Consultant

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Crafting Effective Email Marketing Campaigns

Bachelor Fantasy League

  • Developed dynamic email campaign with live event countdown
  • Curated targeted audience database
  • Designed and integrated visually appealing email template
  • Scheduled and deployed the email campaign

Sony Spiderman

  • Orchestrated drip email campaign
  • Reviewed code for design handoff
  • Implemented custom tokens for personalization
  • Utilized SQL queries to gather necessary data
  • Scheduled and deployed the email campaign


  • Custom-coded a countdown clock feature based on user timezone
  • Segmented audience by timezone
  • Prioritized email delivery based on user timezone
  • Scheduled and deployed the email campaign


Optimizing Websites and Digital Presence

Ellentube Relaunch

  • Analyzed video view data to identify top-performing content
  • Provided insights on viewer preferences and engagement patterns
  • Leveraged data-driven recommendations to enhance user retention and engagement on the Ellentube site

Army Career Rebrand

  • Revamped outdated templates with modern designs, boosting engagement
  • Standardized templates for efficient future deployment
  • Integrated templates into new CRM for streamlined campaign management

Palforzia Rebrand

  • Orchestrated successful launch of Palforzia with comprehensive automated email campaigns
  • Designed and implemented email sequences including confirmation, do not reply, landing pages, Welcome emails, request a vision emails, and preference center emails


Creative Branding


App Wireframes

  • Crafted immersive app interfaces to elevate user experience with realism and precision

Convention Booth

  • Collaborated with companies such as Burkhart Dental to design marketing booths, strategically engineered to allure potential buyers at conventions and tradeshows

Traditional Marketing

  • Produced a range of traditional marketing collateral for Burkhart Catalyst Publication and Parametric Portfolio, including polished presentations, engaging newsletters, and branded stationery




User Engagement-driven Content Creation

  • Implemented customized reporting with click maps to refine content creation based on user engagement

Email Funnel Optimization

  • Optimized email campaigns with SQL data parsing and timezone-syncing by user profiles

Precision Project Management

  • Managed project timelines, sprints, and issue tracking with precision using JIRA and other PM tools

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